Not sure If I will get to update this every week but I will try.
This week kicked off my 25 week training plan leading up to Eastern States 100 in August.  I attempted this race in Aug 2014, the inaugural year of the race on got pulled at the 100k aid station.  I’m back this year, hopefully a little smarter, definitely will more experience & I hope a better training plan on-tap.

This plan calls for the completion of 1,200 miles in the 24 weeks leading up to the race.  So far the start is a little slow as I am nursing a little over-use foot injury cause from Light2Light50 a few weeks ago.  However I am confident that this will not set me back and I have ample time to get the miles in I need.

This week as messed up from the start but I did get a Sat. long run in & If I have learned anything is that it’s time on your feet over miles completed that counts.

Plan Called for 35, I completed 25 with 2,300ft of elevation climb.

quite a long while ago...


by tim
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Published on: 23-January 2018

So here we are again!  This space on the web is a “Reboot” of the old NCUltraRunner.com website.  Unfortunately I lost the original source for that website so i am piecing together what I can in the terms of prior race experience from places like “The Internet Archive” (https://archive.org/web/) and any notes I can find. […]

Rain Runner!

by tim
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Published on: 10-November 2015

Despite the torrential downpour, last night’s run was without a doubt one of the best runs I have had in months! It started out a little miserable but quickly transitioned. Nothing hurt, I was not cold & my new #REI rain jacket was doing its job. Everything was great, right up until I started sloshing[…]

Raising Spirits

by tim
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Published on: 5-November 2015

After not running since Saturday’s pacing duties and a work schedule that was out of control its Amazing what a nice easy night run with friends will do for your #Spirit !! #runnersproblems #NPPD2015 #Day5

Tribe Tuesday / Tire Tuesday

It was pouring down some of the BIGGEST rain drops I have ever seen but Tribe Tuesday was still going to happen.  Today we had several people show up despite the weather and had a great run.  I had made the decision earlier in the week that I was going to pull the tire for[…]

2Wks Ketosis …… again

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Published on: 8-May 2014

Interesting run tonight. It was in the high 80’s and I am in the middle of some wicked heat training.  I should be feeling bad with the “Keto Flu” but I’m actually feeling pretty good.  My energy level is up, nothing hurts, and my stomach seems to have evened out.  The 1st mile of this[…]


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Published on: 13-September 2013

Well after a long conversation with my buddy about the events I have coming up and the way that I am struggling with getting enough calories in my system while trying to maintain Ketosis, I have decided to go back to fueling on carbs until after Hinson Lake.  40 Miles this Sat + 2 Wk[…]

Trying to get back in the saddle

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Published on: 5-March 2013

After trying some not so smart training techniques I think I am finally able to start regular training again.  Today was my 1st 2-a-day runs and all seems to be well.  With GDR so close i am a little worried about finishing injury free.  U100 is still the “A” race so if anything happens during[…]

Back at it

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Published on: 31-January 2013

Well while my son was at his Karate lesson I took the time to go for a short run.  Nothing special about this except that it was a little hilly but those really added to the workout.  Weather was cool but not Cold. Lunch Workout Ab Ripper X Stair Climbing Machine 15 Min — This[…]

4 Days out – Weymouth Woods

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Published on: 15-January 2013

Tonight is Tuesday which means our normally scheduled BCRT Club run.  I did a VERY slow two miles just to keep things moving along.  Felt great!  The weather however was not great…yucky misty rain…. Slow run for the 1st mile then ran with a member’s son and walked with her family for a bit.   Lunch[…]

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