Tribe Tuesday

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Published on: 10-October 2012

well it’s Tuesday and that means it’s Tribe Tuesday with the Brick City Running Tribe.  We had a decent showing tonight considering that the weather is starting to change.  Even though the days are getting shorter and the wind is starting to blow and the temps are dropping we still had at least 15 people show up and run distances between 2[…]

1st Monday Miles in a While

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Published on: 9-October 2012

Well as humbling as it was I have run my first mile in almost a month.  I got clearance from the Doc to run last Friday but decided to wait until today to give it a go and since it was raining and cold outside I decided to make it a dreadmill (Treadmill) day.  The BIG news[…]

Bone ScanDr’s Bone Scan Review

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Published on: 4-October 2012

It’s Thursday and that means bone doctor follow day!  So here is how it went down. I took off work a little early and drove up to Cary but unfortunately I had to pull my big trailer with me.  You see this Friday & Saturday we are embarking on an 2 day overnight 2 kayaking[…]

Monday Mileage

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Published on: 1-October 2012

Well in the spirit of keeping the blog updated I guess I better say something today.  In typical fashion I would like to write about all the awesome trail miles I put in along with all the road miles I am running with Weymouth Woods bearing down on me (Jan 19, 2013) hahah…..but that is[…]

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