Wed Lunch Tire Workout

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Published on: 18-June 2014

Making the decision to skip leg day in the gym due to my next race, Bad Marsh 50K, this Saturday I figured I needed to get in some additional leg work out so on a 90° day at 50% Humidity while pulling a tire I am Putting the “If it does not kill ya, it[…]

…and Again.

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Published on: 29-March 2011

Barbell Bench 40 X 10 50 X 10 70 X 8 80 X 4 Standing Bicep Curls  (Dumbbells) 5 Per Side for a total of 10 3 Sets 25 lbs Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 105 X 10 105 X 10 125 X 10  

Monday – Lunch Workout

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Published on: 14-March 2011

Today’s lunch workout started out as normal but got kinda competitive. On the last sets of bicep cable curls we ended jumping weight until we had the whole stack. Could not do one however Terry did 10. Was feeling pretty strong today, the flat bench is still giving me some trouble but my Incline bench[…]

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