Not sure If I will get to update this every week but I will try.
This week kicked off my 25 week training plan leading up to Eastern States 100 in August.  I attempted this race in Aug 2014, the inaugural year of the race on got pulled at the 100k aid station.  I’m back this year, hopefully a little smarter, definitely will more experience & I hope a better training plan on-tap.

This plan calls for the completion of 1,200 miles in the 24 weeks leading up to the race.  So far the start is a little slow as I am nursing a little over-use foot injury cause from Light2Light50 a few weeks ago.  However I am confident that this will not set me back and I have ample time to get the miles in I need.

This week as messed up from the start but I did get a Sat. long run in & If I have learned anything is that it’s time on your feet over miles completed that counts.

Plan Called for 35, I completed 25 with 2,300ft of elevation climb.

quite a long while ago...


by tim
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Published on: 23-January 2018

So here we are again!  This space on the web is a “Reboot” of the old NCUltraRunner.com website.  Unfortunately I lost the original source for that website so i am piecing together what I can in the terms of prior race experience from places like “The Internet Archive” (https://archive.org/web/) and any notes I can find. […]

Wed Lunch Tire Workout

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Published on: 18-June 2014

Making the decision to skip leg day in the gym due to my next race, Bad Marsh 50K, this Saturday I figured I needed to get in some additional leg work out so on a 90° day at 50% Humidity while pulling a tire I am Putting the “If it does not kill ya, it[…]

Tribe Tuesday / Tire Tuesday

It was pouring down some of the BIGGEST rain drops I have ever seen but Tribe Tuesday was still going to happen.  Today we had several people show up despite the weather and had a great run.  I had made the decision earlier in the week that I was going to pull the tire for[…]

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