Today would have been Ahmaud Arbery’s 26th birthday, however, while out on a run he was killed ….. murdered on 2/23/20 …….. while out on a run! All because he fit the profile of  a burglar responsible for a series of break-ins in the area. I have never been afraid to go out on a run, never mind being afraid to run because of my skin color.

So today I borrowed a watch and wore it on my right wrist to symbolize running 2.23 #prayerful miles with Ahmaud. 

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” Proverbs 31:8 NLT.

quite a long while ago...


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Published on: 7-May 2020


Hopefully this is not an indication oh how the rest of this ‘Race’ is going to go. I got in the scheduled 5 miles but it was not without plenty of pain.

The run started good, but around mile 2 my calfs started to tighten up & by mile 3 I had stopped 3-4 times to try and stretch them out. Finally ended up walking miles 3.5-4.5 because my feet had gone numb from the tightness.

It’s gonna be a long summer ……

quite a long while ago...


It’s April 30th 2020 & we are currently in the mist of a global pandemic called COVID-19, a novel corona virus that has essentially shut down the majority of the country (if not world’s) economy by mandated shelter-at-home orders from our local governments. However, At this point, we are on the cusp of coming out attempting to see what the new “normal” will look like.

All gatherings have been cancelled, you can’t have groups of more than 10 people, and that’s frowned upon. All the restaurants, bars, grills, malls, hair salons are closed and of course every running race has either been cancelled, postponed or deferred to the next year. With all the cancellations we have seen the rise of the “Virtual Race”. These are events that have been organized for people to run the same event, at the same time, just not in the same place. They seem to have brought a sense of community to the confines of “lock-down” that being said ….

Today I committed to running my very 1st virtual race, and as fitting as it is, it’s “The Great Virtual Race Across TN”. This race starts at 00:00:00 on 01-May-2020 and completes at 23:59:59 31-Aug-2020. The goal is to run 1000k, the equilivant of running from Memphis, Tn to the Appalachian Mountains on the very northeastern tip of the state.

quite a long while ago...

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