I often find myself searching for common route distances so I thought I would put a list here.


Route Distance Elevation Per Mile
Oswald Dome 10 2,741ft 274
Big Frog (LowGap) 11 2,455ft 233
Big Frog (ThunderRock) 18.25 3,977ft 217
Clemmer Trail 11.25 1,253ft 111
Favorite Road Loop 6.16 566ft 92
Around Mtn 4.12 203ft 49
las tres bellezas 10.11 1,307ft 129
Raccoon Mtn 15.3 1,232ft 81


quite a long while ago...

M2MMaysville 2 Macon – Race Report

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Published on: 8-February 2014

Full disclosure: I started this post in Aug-2015 and never finished it.  Now in 2018 upon the resurrection of this blog I found this report & have decided to fill in what I remember & post it. -Tim Race Name: Maysville2Macon Distance/Type: 50 Miler Race Location: Maysville, NC Climate Data: Cool –> Fierce Rain Storms[…]


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Published on: 16-November 2012

Well now the pre-race jitters have REALLY set in.  I have finished my packing and made sure my bed will fit in the back of the van.  As always I have managed to over pack again.  But hey, If I need it it should be there.  (Pics to follow soon). My stomach is in knots[…]

OldSchool Aquathon #3

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Published on: 4-July 2012

2012 Results: Overall: 37 / 82 Gender: A/G: 4 / 9 Time: 41:25 Format 400m (Swim) / 3 (Run) / 400m (Swim) This race is always a very fun race. I particularly like their motto of “Old School, all distances are approximate” J This race features a different look at racing in the terms of[…]

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