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Published on: 18-June 2014

Making the decision to skip leg day in the gym due to my next race, Bad Marsh 50K, this Saturday I figured I needed to get in some additional leg work out so on a

90° day at 50% Humidity while pulling a tire I am Putting the “If it does not kill ya, it makes ya stronger” saying to the test.  It was hot and decided to pull the tire through the little hills around work today, really trying to fatigue my legs and cause the muscle spasms to appear as they did yesterday after my run.  Interestingly enough that did not happen.  However here are the list of changes from Yesterday to today.

1)      Took in 16 oz of water + 1 Lemonade Nuun Tab at breakfast

2)      Ate breakfast with lots of Garlic Salt, 2c Coffee

3)      Took in 16 oz of water + 1 Lemonade Nuun Tab during training.

4)      Took in less than 16 of water + 1 Lemonaid Nuun Tab

5)      Ate a good lunch (1 hamburger patty, 1 Chicken leg / thigh, 1 mixed salad with oil & Vin)

6)      Drank 1 Red Bull + 1 c Coffee


I’m a little tired (4:10 PM) and feel a bit dehydrated but no spasms at all.

20140618Oh, and For the Love of all that is holy You Do NOT need to drive by me 3 times pointing!! You saw it right the 1st time!



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