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Published on: 1-October 2012

Well in the spirit of keeping the blog updated I guess I better say something today.  In typical fashion I would like to write about all the awesome trail miles I put in along with all the road miles I am running with Weymouth Woods bearing down on me (Jan 19, 2013) hahah…..but that is not going to be the case this week, again!  I will share that I have put in about 20 miles on the elliptical last week, does that even count?

Anyhow, last week I completed my bone scan now it’s time to wait for the radiologist to read and write a report on it then send it to my Dr for my appointment on Thursday.  Hopefully only good news will come out of this but we will see.  I am already committed to run the Army Ten Miler in late October so I hope I will get cleared for that.  If not I guess the wife and I will just have to go up there and enjoy the city without running since I have already booked and paid for our lodging.

Today’s workout included
Dumbbells Flat – 55#, 65#, 75#
Dumbbells Incline – 55#, 60#, 65#
Close Grip (EZ Bar) Press – Bar + 35#, 45#, 35#

60 Min on the Elliptical Level 10 of 20 Random Program
Single Arm (R) ISO Bench Press 45# X 3 Sets of 15
Single Arm (R) ISO Incline Bench 45# X 3 Sets of 10

I hope everyone has a good and Safe running week.  Until next time!

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