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Published on: 29-May 2012
Ahhh so here we are again at the begenning of the week which after a weekend of running calls for a morning of Physical Therapy.  

To get started they put me on the treadmill for 5 min to get warmed up.  After that was all the little weird balance tasks that it seems like everyone has to do… my opinion this is a time filler that they have us do while the P.T.’s go and look up what else they need to do to victim patient.  These thing include a lot of balanceing tasks.  Like a board with a wooden dowel in the center that you have to stand on and balance side-to-side then flip it 180 deg and balance front to back.  Or the thing that looks like a dish will 1/2 a ball glued to the bottom of it that you have to do front-to-back flexes, side-to-side flexes then make circles with it.  This one really hurt my foot for some reason.

So after all that I had to do the towel crunches with my toes and after that was the moving marbles with your toes.  Certainly not the most exciting tasks in the world.

So now i’m thinking that i get my ionic treatment NOPE today was going to be a little different in that we got to use the “TOOL” . Doesn’t that sound enjoyable?  They took this little stainless steel thing and raked the back of my Achilles tendon with it, wow talk about some eye opening pain! 

…and finally the ion treatment.  
All in all pretty good day at the PT. I get to go back again Thursday before I will have to take a break.  Wish me luck!
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