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Well I woke up this morning with an awful pain in the back of my heal and decided to go and visit my Physical Therapist.  After much discussion on what I thought caused this they decided to do a procedure named Iontophoresis.  This is a process where they use a negatively charged drug and hook up an adhesive pad to some electricity and force the medicine about 2mm under the skin.

Iontophoresis is an effective and painless method of delivering medication to a localized tissue area by applying electrical current to a solution of the medication. The diagram below illustrates the basic mechanism. Like electrical charges repel. Therefore, application of a positive current will drive positively charged drug molecules away from the electrode and into the tissues; similarly, a negative current will drive negatively charge ions into the tissues.

Saucony Kinvara 2

Anyhow, looks like the new shoes are causing me some grief.  Not sure if It was too much too soon in them or if it is the 4mm vs 8mm heal-to-toe drop that is effecting my Achilles tendon area.

More soon!

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