4 Days out – Weymouth Woods

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Published on: 15-January 2013

Tonight is Tuesday which means our normally scheduled BCRT Club run.  I did a VERY slow two miles just to keep things moving along.  Felt great!  The weather however was not great…yucky misty rain….

Slow run for the 1st mile then ran with a member’s son and walked with her family for a bit.


Lunch Time Gym

Dumbbell curls 30 X 10, 35# X 10 alternating Arms on 5 count
Cable Curls
80# X 12
90# X 12
100# X 12
110# X 12
120# X 12
130# X 10
140# X 8

Push Ups 3 sets of 12
Single Arm Tricept Cable Kickbacks 3 Sets of 10 (30#)

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