Ketosis Day4

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Published on: 12-September 2013

Went to bed last night with a brilliant purple on the Pee stick then Woke up today peed on my strip and guess what?  Yup, I’m out of Ketosis!  Ugh, I took in LOW calories yesterday however I did have an “Malted Beverage” and after some reading I found out that while a certain substance is in your liver you cannot be in Ketosis. SMH so now I wait to get back in.


While at work I decided to do a lunchtime rune, Well once again that did not go well.  Out for a short and easy lunch run today about 3 days into this Low Carb thing and somewhere about mile 2 I start to crash.  Around mile 3 I have these awful cramps in my lower abdomen and I feel REALLY dehydrated…but somehow I keep forgetting my water.


All I know is it seems like 4-5 miles is killing me right now and I have 40 Miles on tap for this Sat!!  I have a call into one of my friends about this, sure hope he can help me fix the problem!


Additional Problems

I am not drinking enough water

Since I am having cramps I assume my electrolytes are off

I am having some leg spasms.  Thinking I need to be back on my multi-vitamin

I AM NOT GETTING enough calories.

Day1: 817

Day 2:2194

Day3: 1034

Day4 – as of this post (Lunch): 963

With Hinson Lake 24 Hour Classic only 2 weeks away this is REALLY concerning me.

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