Goat Head Sole Spikes2 Days out – Weymouth Woods

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Published on: 17-January 2013
Sole Spikes
Shoes with GoatHead Gear’s Sole Spikes

2 Days out from my 1st Western States Qualifying run for the year and the weather is throwing everything thing it can at us.  Today it has rained all day long…..ALL DAY !!  To make matters worse, tonight the rain is foretasted to turn into Snow, UGH…really.  Now I do have to say that Sat’s forecast does look beautiful however the rain and snow are going to make for less than ideal conditions for the trail.  Last weekend I ran the trails and the one thing, other than the roots, was all the bridges.  These bridges were VERY slippery and I think they are only going to get worse.

So in light of all that is happening I have taken the liberty of outfitting a pair of my old shoes with my new friend’s Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes.  These are small spikes that you screw into the bottom of your shoes that provide excellent traction in a variety of conditions.  This will be my first outing with them but I have nothing but confidence!  Hopefully I will be able to provide a full review on these after the race.

Good night friends…… 2 days and counting 🙂

#NoFear #HeedTheCall

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