3 Days out – Weymouth Woods

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Published on: 16-January 2013

Wed:  Well the taper and the carb loading is in full effect, neither of which I enjoy.  Today I will fill my stomach with pasta, potatoes, grains and any other complex carbohydrates I can get my hands on.   Additionally, starting today I will not go to the gym at lunch time either.
Now on to what is really stressing me out.  There is a weather system that is predicted to come in tomorrow and drop either a bunch of rain or 3-4 inches of SNOW!!  REALLY?!?!?!  Not that I wasn’t already stressed out enough, but then it is supposed to clear out and be Cold and Hot on Saturday during the race…UGH, either way I think the course is going to be a messy disaster & very slippery.  I thinking this will be the inaugural trip with my new Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes !!

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