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Published on: 27-March 2011

side Note: Monday the 5th starts Insanity workouts again! Really hope I can get as cranked up for them as I did last year. More on that later. As for now here are my numbers. Kinda of Conservative but I have my main chest workout tomorrow.

Move Round 1 Round 2
Standard PushUps 15 15
Wide Grip PullUps 7 10 (5/5 Assisted)
Millitary PushUps 15 15
Rev. Grip Chin Ups 7 5
Wide Fly PushUps 15 20
Close Grip Overhand PullUps 3 5 (Bad form)
Decline PushUps 15 (Hard) 11
Heavy Pants
Heart 2 Heart 13 10
Divebombers 12 12
Back Flys
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