Ice Day

Ugh, being snowed in is one thing , but being Iced in is something TOTALLY different.  With Snow atleast you can get the kids out of the house and build snowmen, have snowball fights, make snow-angels and all sorts of other stuff. With ice, the only activitied you get is to try and find something to entertain them while not being able to go anywhere.  which leads me to my next topic.

Since I was iced in I decided that I would pop one of my ole Insanity Disks in a burn through a work-out.  I mean how hard could it be, I have taken about 5 months off but have kept in pretty good shape……haven’t I? I have been running frequently and have been partaking in my strength training at the Gym regularly, I should be able to cruise through this work-out……..right?


Plyometrics Core Cardio was the work-out I chose.  After completing the, so called, warm-up I remembered how hard this was.  So to save any further embarrassment, let me just say I did not even come close to completing the entire work out !  Holy Smokes !!
Warm-Up: All 3 sets – Hard, but okay
Circuit 1: Set 1 Good, Set 2 Okay, Set 3 ROUGH
Circuit 2: Set 1 ROUGH, Set 2 & Set 3 – Watched the DVD through most of this.

Wow, I am out of Insane shape. Time to get back into the Grove and keep pressing play

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