Max Recovery

Well….I’m a little upset about today.
The video was not downloaded from the network to my LT so I had to run the video from the CD 1/2 way through the program decided to crash on me and would not recover.

As for the part that I did do.  I’m not a big fan of the warm-up on this workout.  A lot of foot rotations from warrior1 to hip flexor and my floor is not setup for that.  However once we got into the actual workout portion of the video it seemed to be very cool.  I like the side balance thing that we did…….right before the video crashed.

After the crash I did the whole body drill and finished the workout from one of the other max workouts.  Then did Ab Ripper X.

Look forward to next week to do the whole video….will download the video to the hard drive tomorrow 🙂

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