Max Interval Plyo

This workout was really tough !  Pushed through but had to take many breaks.
First Set
1 leg v pushups – suck.
Power Jumps – really hard and exhausting.

Second Set
level 3 drills !  THESE ARE THE WORST !!! I almost made it through the 1st round, LOL
power lunges/hop squats.  I find that these are really hard and place strain on my left knee.

Final Set
Side Pushups.  I was really good on my left side, however when it got to my right side I could not make it through.  I think this has everyting to do with the weakness I have in my right arm specifically my right tricept

FINALLY …………Diamond Jumps & Power Knees.
Power knees not so bad… BUT the diamond jumps are the worst….

Balance Push ups, not bad just hard.

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