Max Day 1

Pushed really hard on the Fit Test.  Was quite impressed with my results.
My overall reps were not much if any more than the previous fit tests, however my heart rate was siginifiantly lower and I performed all the moves as they should be performed.  No bad form……Really happy with that.

Now on to the max work out.
Today’s workout was the Max Interval Circuit
Oh My Gosh !  3 Sets of the Triple repeat exercises, along with the new exercises.  This totally broke me down to the point where I just about gave up.  the Full body move is absolutely exhausting !  I also was so burnt that I could not do the on the ground switch kicks.

On the plus side, I burned about 450 Ck during the Fit Test and Can you believe over 800 CALORIES during the Max workout !! WOW !

I am looking forward to trying this video fresh, with nothing else before it.

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