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Published on: 27-July 2010

Well the weather is about the same today, IT SUCKS !  I feel bad and my body hurts.  Have not been to the gym at lunch-time in quite a while and today’s strength workout with Ninja Jr was kinda lame.  I was just not into it.

So after I got home I had it in my mind that I was going to do my INSANITY workout.  So I did Monday’s workout.  Go figure it was Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs.  ONE DAY I WILL FINISH THESE WORKOUTS !!!!  I was doing really good right up until the Level 2 Drills.  It would seem that the combo of Pedal the Poser Jacks really exhaust my legs & somewhat my core.  I just cannot seem to hold the high plank to do the push-ups then the “run it out” while in high plank in somewhat impossible for me to do.  After that the “Frog Jumps” are pitiful then I start to recover somewhat and finish strong until the pushup jacks.  Again, just exhausted.

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