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Published on: 4-October 2012
It’s Thursday and that means bone doctor follow day!  So here is how it went down.
I took off work a little early and drove up to Cary but unfortunately I had to pull my big trailer with me.  You see this Friday & Saturday we are embarking on an 2 day overnight 2 kayaking trip with some friends from church and I had to go and pick up these 16 ft long boats…anyhow back on topic.  I had my trailer with me and in typical fashion I get turned around and eventually lost.  Now I’m driving through downtown Cary with this big trailer, trying to call the dr’s office it was bad.  UGH,  I finally got in touch with them and got directions, it seems that I was only about 2 min. away.  I checked in an soon enough I was back in the room waiting for the Doc.
He walks in asking how I was feeling and what I had been doing.  Told him everything was great and felt fine, we talked about my steroid injection for a little bit and he seems to be on the same page as me.  As long as I’m smart and I stretch & Ice that area the inflammation should not return.  Then it was time to look at the bone scan.
To my amazement he said OH that looks good!  I was a little confused but then he proceed to tell me that if it was a full stress fracture the “Hot Spot” would extend all the way across the bone and mine did not.  Good news!!  After a few min more of conversation we started talking about my running schedule.  The doc prescribed me taking it easy for the next couple of weeks but I could start running again.  Keep the mileage under 20 for the week for the next 2 weeks then I can start to edge it up.  Also keep the intensity low and with that off I went.  More to come on this after my 1strun!
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  1. Avatar Laura Frey says:

    Hey Preb, I’m just reading this now. So what is that? A stress reaction? Awesome that it’s not a full fx! You must be stoked!

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