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Published on: 26-December 2012

Just sitting here thinking.  Last year on December 26th I ran my 1st “Technical” ultra-marathon Boxing Day Madness with a crushing distance of 26.6 Miles! LOL  Well it may have been an ultra but it was a distance P.R. to me.  This was my 1st distance over 13 miles and I was going to pay for it.  I remember spending the next 4 hours in bed sick as a dog.  You see, I knew nothing about hydration, electrolytes, eating & running….nothing!   I was a long-distance noob.

1 Year later, I am signed up and ready for Boxing Day Madness Part II.  I still may no nothing about those same topics but I have developed what we will call a “Style” for them…hahaha.  This year promises to be diffrent in all  aspects.  We have a huge weather system moving in that is guaranteed to dump lots of rain and thunder on us.  So I will have to update soon on how it goes.

Let’s just hope that i’m not in the bed sick again!!

BoxingDay_2011 Splits_BoxingDay_2011


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