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Published on: 25-September 2012

This morning I went up to Cary Ortho to have a fresh pair of eyes look at the pain I am having in my leg.  I would say it’s a stress fracture but strangely enough I can produce the same pain in either leg by pushing on the same spot.  Soooo off to the orhto I went.  The Office staff and the Dr were very nice and we went through all the normal question and answer stuff along with the traditional x-ray.  The x-rays came back and looked good.  No visible stress fractures but we really did not expect to see anything on the x-ray now did we.  So the doc proceeded to twist, push and pull a little more asked me to hop and walk then said we need a bone scan to get the final ruling.

If this is a false SFX alarm then we can figure out what we need to do to get me back training.  If it is a SFX then what are we going to do to keep my fitness level up during my “REST” (evil word) Period.  More to come on this topic after my bone scan.

While I was there I asked him to take a look at my right kneed.  Ever since Boogie I have had this really sore spot on the medial (inside) spot on my knee.  My self diagnosis, which is ALMOST 100% on, said it was a  Pes anserine bursitis or simply put an inflammation of the inner knee where 3 tendons insert into the bone and the Bursa sac behind the tendons has become inflamed and very angry.  As I suspected I was correct and the doc gave me a cortisone shot to help calm things down.  After the shot he said, Oh ya, this might be a little sore for the next 3 days and BOY IS IT EVER! hahah

So now we cross-train and wait until the Bone Scan & results are read.

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