M2MMaysville 2 Macon – Race Report

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Published on: 8-February 2014

Full disclosure: I started this post in Aug-2015 and never finished it.  Now in 2018 upon the resurrection of this blog I found this report & have decided to fill in what I remember & post it. -Tim

Race Name: Maysville2Macon
Distance/Type: 50 Miler
Race Location: Maysville, NC
Climate Data: Cool –> Fierce Rain Storms
Race Date: Sat. Feb. 8th 2014 at 12:01 AM

Finish Time: 11:48:09
Finish Place (Overall): 13/22
Race Stats: Garmin

Start Video
Beach Video

“Mr. February Himself, a.k.a. Upchuck” – Will


Race in 1 paragraph:
What started out to be an enjoyable run turned into a epic battle of will against the forces of nature and spontaneous purging of stomach contents.  Where else can you have all that plus rain, wind then throw in a touch of snow and sleet to top it all of!  Only at a RacENC event!

Work, leave early, short nap
Paul to here
Here to Fayetteville
Drive down, nothing special, eat at subway
Arrive at diner, hang out pic with andy and guitar guy
Get changed, pictures
Go !
Left will to work out some details with Brandon

feeling good, plan to run 9:30s for the first 20 miles.
will caught up at about 2.6 miles in.  ran until the 1st aid station 10 miles out.
AS1 – The gas station
Stretch and on my way.
Next water stop not feeling so well.
Paul to come out at mile 18 and walk with me.
Puke brown stuff mile 19
walk over the bridge.
Meet up with CH walk run to the beach the to AS1 together


AS2 – the Hotel room
Sit down and try to recover, still not feeling good.
Lay down then find a conor….give me 10 min.
Still not feeling good, took some drink go outside and puke.  time to roll
walk / run the next strech with paul

AS3 – A Car

Snow, Sleet
Catching up & passing lady
Will with soup & Hot Chocolate
Give Hot Chocolate to Lady when passing her.

AS5 –  Final Instructions
2 in the distance
Pole 1
Passing the 2
Pole 2
Up the trail
2 More in the distance
1 catching up
Run up the hill, leave the 1
Pass the 2
On to the finish
The finish


What Went Right
My will and determination to finish and once again having the right support for the job.  My crew was instrimental to me finishing this race.  Other than that almost nothing went right, however my feet did not hurt.  I ran in those darn Saucony Kinvara 2’s again, Love those Shoes, for the entire race.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run holes in them 🙁

What Went Wrong
Stomach issues & Weather

This was a fun race and if you in the market for something the just might challenge you I would highly recommend it!  Thank you RacENC for an event that I will not soon forget.



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