Weymouth Woods 100k – 2014

Full disclosure: I started this post in Feb-2014 and never finished it.  Now in 2018 upon the resurrection of this blog I found this report & have decided to fill in what I remember & post it. -Tim

Race Name: Weymouth Woods 100K
Distance/Type: 100 K
Race Location: Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve, S. Pines
Climate Data: 44 during the day, 34 at night
Race Date: January 18, 2014

Finish Time: 12:48:29.15
Finish Place (Age Division & Overall): 13th out of 76 starters
Race Stats: Garmin

Race in 1 paragraph:
Finally, a fantastic event!  The day was beautiful, the course was in great shape and the body felt good.  I ran solid & finished with a huge P.R.

I decided that I wanted to get there early this year to secure a spot on the sidewalk, right next to the course so I convinced my friend to meet early at my house and we would ride together.  Since the gates opened at 6:AM we left the house at 5:15 and arrived early enough to be the 2nd person inline.  We drove in and secured the exact spot I was hoping for, it was shaping up to be a good day.

Next we went to packet pickup only to meet a familiar face, the RD Marie Lewis.  While getting our packets together she asked my name, looked at me twice and said “I have something special for you” and then pulled out a shirt from last year’s race.  You see I had my destroyed in an incident at my house and we could never finalize the details to get me another one……Score #2!

We went back to the truck and prepped all of our racing stuff on the back of the truck and just hung out for a while until it was time to walk to the starting line.

The staring line was cold but full of excitement, I got to spend a little time with my friend Dan talking about the cold and how we were going to run today and just tried to stay warm.  Then the  count down 3….2….1…..GO! and we were off, like a herd of turtles!

Lap 1 I got to spend some time with my buddy Shawn, he and I crused down the course just chit-chatting about how running is dumb and how it is too early to be doing dumb stuff like this, just enjoying life.

Lap 2


What Went Right

What Went Wrong




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