Reindeer Fun Run – Race Report Guest Post & Guest Runner

December 1, 2012 Reindeer Fun Run Guest Post & Guest Runner Shawn Sheffield.


The Reindeer Fun Run in Aberdeen NC was probably my first and I am assuming everyone else’s first 12K race.  It was bitterly cold that morning leaving Sanford my thermometer was hovering around 38 degrees the whole way down to Aberdeen.  By the time I got there the sun was beaming and the temp was rising and proving to be a perfect day to race.  I have never run in Aberdeen nor have I ever run a 12K, so there were a few unknowns.  I never even checked to see where or even if there were water stations, although I was running with my hand held it was bone dry because I neglected to get water before the race started.

The first hundred yards were relatively flat, then I got my first taste of what was to come over the course of this 12K run; Hills!  The course was littered with nothing but rolling hills with maybe a total of 1 mile that felt flat, but I am pleased to note that they had water stations almost every mile of the race.  Between mile one and two there was a band playing Christmas music to get everyone in the spirit.  After mile 3 the temp was getting uncomfortably warm for a hat and gloves so it was either ditch them or carry them and I opted that I liked my hat to much too just ditch it.  Once we hit mile 5 the course looped back in with the people running/walking the 5K.  This was not the most ideal situation due to the fact that the walkers/stroller moms/and pets were pretty much all over the place causing anyone running for time to weave in and out of the 5K traffic jam.  The last 0.5 mile was all downhill and gave me a chance to stretch my legs out and sprint to the finish line.  At the finish they had bands playing, people cheering, fake snow blowing and of course the reason why we all run most of these things, a pretty sweet finisher metal for my effort.

When it is all said and done this was a great race and very much worth the money and effort.  The only minor annoyances were the hills and the people who don’t know what, “On your left” means.

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