Evening Work Out

Well Since I was behind in my Pull-Up and Push-Up program I figured I would Catch up.

I started with pull-ups (these were done at home on my doorway pull-up bar.)
Level 4: Week2: Day2
08 Pull-Ups (Check) – 90 Sec Rest
09 Chin-Ups (Check) – 90 Sec Rest
08 Pull-Ups (FAIL) – 3Min Rest
07 Chin-Ups (Check) – 3Min Rest
05 Pull-Ups (Check)
Notes: After 3Min of rest the pull-ups were manageable and the Chin-ups were a breeze.  Need 90Sec for Chin-Ups and 3Min for Pull-Ups



Push-Ups (Today’s seemed to be really easy, even though the massive chest, arms and back workouts we did the past couple of days)
Since my wrist hurts I did these on my Chin-Up bar flipped upside down.  Basically Push-Up Stands

09 (Check) 90Sec Rest
11 (Check) 90Sec Rest
08 (Check) 90Sec Rest
08 (Check) 90Sec Rest
30 – MAX (I was pretty much toast after these)

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