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Published on: 8-November 2010

Today has been an interesting day.  Started off with not getting up when I wanted to.
Since the time change was on Sunday, my goal was to get up at the “Same” time and try to get some additional extercise in.  Oh well not today, we will try again tomorrow.

During lunch today I went for a run and OH what a fun run it was.  1st starting out my legs were very sore and stiff.  Then as I kept running i found my chest to start hurting, unfortunately that never went away.  On my way back to the gym, within the last 10th of a mile, I FELL !  Not just a fall, but my feet got caught up in a metal wire ring that esentually hog tied me and down I went.  Now you have to understand where I was ON MAIN STREET !  Cars everywhere, me trying to cross the intersection and not paying attention to my feet but the cars that try to kill me on a daily basis……yup down I went rolling into the intersection.  Needless to say I quickly got up brushed myself off and continued my run…..

Today was Monday which means Chest & Triceps day in the Gym.  It started off slow but had a good end
Flat barbell bench
3 sets x 10 Reps (65 lbs)

Incline Bench
10 x 115lbs
10 x 135lbs
10 x 155lbs
2 x 225lbs

Triceps pull-downs (v-bar)
12 x 60lbs
12 x 80lbs
4  x 80lbs

Narrow Push-Ups
3 sets x 10 Reps

over the head cable pulls (Triceps)
3sets x 10-20 Reps
60, 70, 80

Dumbbell flys
30 x 10 Reps
35 x 10 Reps
40 x 10 reps

Flat bench using solid steel bar
135 x 3 sets
10, 8, 8

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