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Power Cardio & Resistance Day.

Well it’s Friday, Not much to say.  I was really tired. 
We went to Cary tonight to try and find me some new shoes.  I think after trying on about 20 pairs of shoes I have finally settled on the Under Armour BlackTip CG.  It just felt right and my orthotics fit into them.  I can not even immagine how good it will feel if I have the proper support on my foot. WOW !

When in the mall I tried to get the guy to come of the $89.00 price and he refused.  Then came home and found that very shoe on UA’s website for $44.99.  Whatever !
I did try on my old nike shox and after loosning up the laces and retying them they seem to be better than the cheap walmart shoe that I have been using.  So I guess that is what I will be using for now.

Power Cardio & Resistance after the trip to Cary.  Really late to be working out 🙁

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