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Published on: 8-July 2010

Ok, Now on to the good stuff and really the Meat and purpose of this blog.

Fast forward time to 2010. At some time in the 1st quarter i started feeling really bad. My body was not co-operating with me, I hurt all the time and I could not move without my joints creaking and cracking. And not to mention that I had become FAT ! I mean really, my Size 38 pants were getting to small on me? WOW !! So me being 100% Type A personality decided that it was time for me to get back into shape and start exercising.

For the first couple of months just going to the gym every week day at lunch was enough. I was burning calories and dropping some weight. Right about this time the P90X fitness program came on the scene then the Insanity program appeared. So I grabed onto the Nutrition Guide for Insanity and started following it to the letter. Also, me and a friend started doing the Ab Ripper program from the P90X. I did all this and was still doing the cardio workouts at lunch. Finally the pounds started melting away. I went from 207 lbs to about 195 in four weeks. In the following weeks I added in some strength training on Monday , Wed & Fridays after work. Fast forward to July 2010. Now that I am eating correctly and extercising I have dropped all the way down to 177 lbs. Ab Ripper, Plus Cardio X, Elliptical at lunch & streiength in the afternoons. Somehow my body had adapted to all of this and I have hit a wall.

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