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Published on: 8-July 2010

Almost 2 years after my broke foot I woke up one night with the most extreme pain in my right shoulder, arm and hand. Went to the Dr the very next morning and they said I was having a series of severe muscle spasms. Well after a couple of days of these excruciating spasms the general practitioner finally sent me to an orthopedic specialist. As luck would have it I already knew a good one from my broke foot. That Dr ordered an MRI and above is the result.

The image above is an MRI of my cervical spine. Notice the thick white tube looking thing in the center of my neck is my spinal column and towards the top of the spinal column you will notice that it has been pushed in and is pressing on the spinal cord. This was causing my entire right hand to be cold and numb.

Now the Orthopedic Dr made the recomendation that I seek the care of a neurologist Immediately !  So we made some phone calls, did a little research and found an excellent neurologist.

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