Thursday – 2 Days out

by tim
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Published on: 26-November 2015

Today is Thanksgiving and I am SO VERY thankful that my heart is just full.  My son came to me and asked me to take him hunting.  So yesterday we made plans for an early departure, pulled out camo cold weather clothes & packed rifles.  We headed out the door at 5:15 making out way out to the same stand as I shot the buck from yesterday.  Not too hopeful on seeing anything today however there was a possibility since 3/4 of the corn I put out the day before was gone.  I doubt 1 deer ate all of that.


We stat in the stand until about 8:AM……my wiggle-worm was having a hard time with being quiet but having a harder time sitting still, as you can imagine a 14yr old boy would have.  TO my surprise a beautiful large doe showed up the foliage in front of us and was making her way to the corn, right then she must have caught some motion of us getting the rifles up and in place because she stopped, looked then turned broadside and moved behind a little bit more dense brush.  My son wanted to shoot my small caliber .223 this morning and I knew that he would not be able to make the clean, soft tissue penetrating shot that was needed with that round I told him that I was going to take her since in was carrying my scoped 30-06. I settled down into the show and as about to squeeze the trigger when he quickly raised his hands to cover his ears…….well you guessed it.  That was all an already spooked doe needed, she got so scared she snorted and blew, turned to the left and ran straight into a tree….jumped snorted and ran off blowing the entire time.


I look at my son, it was not 8:30 and asked… ready to go home since there is nothing even close to us now.


Even missing a deer this had to be my best morning hunt ever.  We laughed & joked about that the rest of the day.  Told the story overt thanksgiving dinner and laughed some more.


Once everyone left for the night I finished my clothes packing accepted that I am not getting off cedar island for day 2 and would have to make up the miles on day 3 then just pray that I can hang on to 40+ miles per day afterwards.


Until tomorrow friends…..

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