Ancient Oaks 100 – Pre Race

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Published on: 19-December 2013

Well as the day approaches I continue to get more and more nervous about this race.  This Saturday December 21 thru December 22, 2013 will mark my 3rd attempt at running one hundred miles. I was successfully at the first two attempts however this will be the first time I try it without a support team (Crew or Pacers).

I have been honored to receive an invitation for the Ancient Oaks 100.  This is a FA style race where the race director, Mike Melton, hand picks about 60 runners to compete in this free event through the trails of the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary in Titusville, Florida.  Originally I was going to try and car pool with B.Wilson however due to some health concerns he had to remove himself from the race. So I naturally started crunching some numbers and figured out that plane tickets were actually kinda reasonable to Orlando; now to try and arrange some transportation.  To my surprise, my parents purchased my plane ticket and volunteered to accompany me to the race.  The plan is to pick me up from the airport in their rv and take me to the race!  WOW, A free ticket, free transportation AND a free place to stay!! **Feeling Very Blessed at the moment**


Achilles Tendon Pain

Now you ask yourself why is he feeling nervous, all this seems to be falling into place…Well my last 100 miler was on November 23, 2013 followed up with a 50K the very next weekend.  Ya I know, not the smartest running plan but It’s what I did and out of those ten days and 132 racing miles I have acquired a Achilles problem….UGH!  I have spent the last three weeks stretching, Icing, foam-rolling and most of all praying for this to heal.  As of this moment, the night before I leave, everything feels to be on the Up and Up but as you might know A LOT can and will happen in a 100 Mile race.


To add to the stress of this race I have been following the weather for about a week and the forecast keeps getting hotter and hotter.   It appears that there is some sort of weather system that is going to engulf the east cost with a warming trend, this is going to produce temperatures of 80+ degrees!  Holly smokes!  This normally is not a big deal however it Is DECEMBER!! I am no where near being heat acclimated, this is just another twist to this already interesting race.

…And finally after much repacking I have finished with the solo bag!  3 Pairs of shoes, lots of soxs, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 singlets, 2 shirts, blah blah blah….and all the other racing gear that is needed……….I will have to let you know how the security check-in goes.When I finally got around to getting all my racing stuff together, get a box, get it packed and ready to take it to the post office i realized that since this is the holiday season and my parents will be leaving the Thursday before the race that there is no way that it would get there in time.  Once again ugh!  That means that I will have to carry everything I need with me on the plane since I do not intend on checking a bag (Can you believe that the airlines charges $25 for the 1st bag, WHAT?).


Well I guess that is it for now.  Will check back in later, hopefully before the race.

Train Hard, Run Strong, Be Smart and stay humble !

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