Monday – 5 Days out

by tim
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Published on: 23-November 2015


Today I had to go into work to finish up some loose ends before I could start my vacation / deer hunting time. What an extremely difficult day it was, lots of little tasks but they required my full attention.  Something that I was almost unable to anything other than TU.


Finally finished with work and got home to the awesome Boston Butt that I had in the oven all day, which 5was so tender that I was able to fork shred it while the wife fixed the sides; amazing dinner!


Once the kitchen was cleaned I retired to the computer for a little TU work with all the confidence that I would finally be able to hammer out Day 1, 2 & 3’s mileage “A” plan.  These 3 days would get me across Cedar Island and would include 2 ferry rides.

For some reason I always get stuck on Day 12 having to burn a bunch of time because I can not figure out how to make the last ferry off Cedar Island to Ocracoke……….and today would provide to be no different.  My best plan so far is to take my time on day 21, catch either the 6 or 8PM ferry or push it a little and catch the 5 pm ferry.  Then I could really take my time on the 13 mile stretch on the Island to reduce some stress on the body.  The only problem  with being on the island for the night is that all the campgrounds are closed this time of year.  So on of tomorrow’s tasks will be to call the visitor’s center to see if we can park there overnight & catch the 1st ferry off the island.

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