TU – 7 Days Out

by tim
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Published on: 22-November 2015

Bonner BridgeWell…..today is the 1 week mark from the start of Tarheel Ultra. With no running in my schedule until Tuesday I have been on a 3 day cleaning spree.  I spent Friday morning in a tree stand hunting white tail deer, then when the wind kicked up I saw no reason to go out on the evening hunt.  With my afternoon hunting plans now not in play I turned my built up “Taper” energy to the inside of my house.  Every wall, chair-rail, base board & floor in my foyer, dining room, kitchen & living room have been scrubbed down AND all the floors have been scrubbed & mopped.  NOW, we are ready for the holidays!  My parents are here for Thanksgiving & to crew me for TU plus we will have other guests for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving will mark the start to a wonderful season, at my hose for a change, of get togethers with friends & loved ones.

TU pans are continuing to come together & then I find kinks.  My worries continue as I keep thinking about the stress that I am going to be putting on my body for potentially 8 days.  I worry about my stomach & nutrition, however I somehow always seem to get a little butterfly of excitement in my soul when I think about the amazing adventure that I am about to embark on and the amazing people that I’m going to be doing it with.

Let the taper madness continue………… Oh looks like the guest bathroom needs cleaning, gotta go !!!

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