Ancient Oaks – Race Report

Full disclosure: I started this post in Apr-2014 and never finished it.  Now in 2018 upon the resurrection of this blog I found this report & have decided to fill in what I remember & post it. -Tim

Race Name: Ancient Oaks 100
Distance/Type:  100 Miles
Race Location: Titusville, FL
Climate Data:  Record Breaking Temps
Race Date:  December 21-22, 2013

Finish Time:  DNF
Finish Place:
Personal Stats:

Race in 1 paragraph:  Outstanding Race, Course, RD but FREAKING HOT!


 The Friday before the race I flew into Orlando Intl Airport to meet my mother and father.  You see they were my crew.  They had agreed to pick me up in their RV and give me all the aid during the race.  The flight was uneventful and I arrived in Orlando with plenty of time to spare before having to go to the pre-race packet pickup.

After riding around, finding the campground and the Enchanted Forest it was time to go and pick up my race packet.  I got to meet Mike Melton (RD) and talk with him for a little while about the accommodations for parking the RV inside the Enchanted Forest, which was previously not allowed.  After chatting for a while with Mike I mingled around for a few minutes and met Bambi Pennycuff and introduced myself.  Shortly after that we left and went to the campground. Back at the campground mom cooked a pasta dinner for me and it was time to shower and off to bed.  Tomorrow was going to be a bid day for me.

We woke up nice and early the next day only to find out that the temps were already up to 75 deg and Titusville was expecting some record temps for the day but I tried to not worry about it and  quickly showered and got ready for the race while Mom fixed us breakfast.   After enjoying some interesting eggs (mom only had lemon oil to cook them with, LOL) we headed out to the race site.  Upon our arrival mom & dad were able to secure probably the most perfect spot for the RV while I went and checked in……I mingled around and met some people, instructed Mom & Data what I would need throughout the day then lined up for the race.



What Went Right
The decision to stop when I did.  I really think that if I did not stop I would have ended up much much worse!  On the flip side though, If Mom & Dad were not there I would have probably got up after the sun went down and try to get in the rest of the miles since there was such a generous cut-off.

What Went Wrong
Not heat acclimated, No Gaiters

Definitely a race that I would love to go back and try again however I would either need to train in a sauna or carefully watch the weather and only try if the temps were below 75 Degrees.

woke up to 69°F

Temperature 80 °F (Record Match)

Humidity 94%

84 °F Record

Humidity 100%

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