Pre-Race Jitters

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Published on: 15-November 2012

Well, today is Thursday and I’m only a day away from another running milestone.  This Saturday I will be participating in my first 24 Hour Ultra Event, Crooked Road 24.  This race is pushing me into the unknown and I’m really not sure to make of it.  From reading other’s race reports from last year (the 1st year that it was run) it appears that I will be able to park my vehicle at the edge of the race course and work aid out of it.

That being said, what does one pack for a 24 Hour race?  I mean, I could honestly bring everything including the kitchen sink (Yes I know I’m an over-packer  with me but what will I NEED?  The weather looks to be perfect for this weekend, 50s during the day and 30s at night.  The nighttime will be a little cold but I think the compression tights and running pants should suffice, if not I will layer with my technical thermals…If that doesn’t get it done then I guess I will have to stop.  In another post I will upload pics of what I ended up taking.

The next thing that is stressing me is the fact that I am going to be doing physical activity for 24 Hours!  Come On, staying awake for that long is a feat in itself!  Looking at some caffiene options but coincidentally today on the news there is a bad article about the energy drink I was considering…..<SIGH> now what do I do.  My back up plan, no primary, is to have my 12v power inverter and my coffee maker with me.  I will test this tonight.



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