4 Days out – Weymouth Woods

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Published on: 15-January 2013

Tonight is Tuesday which means our normally scheduled BCRT Club run.  I did a VERY slow two miles just to keep things moving along.  Felt great!  The weather however was not great…yucky misty rain…. Slow run for the 1st mile then ran with a member’s son and walked with her family for a bit.   Lunch[…]

5 Days out – Weymouth Woods

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Published on: 14-January 2013

Well I am 5 day out from my 1st 100K race distance.  Sure, I have done 62 GPS miles before in a 24 hour race (Crooked Road 24) but this is the 1st time I have run an official 100k.  So in prep there was no running today only some stretching & foam rolling.  Tomorrow[…]

Little Christmas Day Trail Run

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Published on: 26-December 2012

Fantastic Christmas day run. 2 Guys 3 Dogs and the Trails of Jordan Lake. I Met with J imbo today for a little Jordan Lake – New Hope Overlook Blue Trail Run.  This trail features all the “Objects” that a trail runner should like.  Roots, massive leaf cover (Providing the “Hidden” Root feature), switch backs, ups,[…]


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Published on: 10-December 2012

YAY!  Back on the run.  After 2 weeks of absolutely no running it was nice getting back to it.  Nice easy 30 min on the treadmill.  Now stretch and Ice. Note: I have been diligently in the gym strength training.  We have added in a leg day which last week worried me a little bit.  On the 3rd set of leg[…]

Monday Mileage

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Published on: 1-October 2012

Well in the spirit of keeping the blog updated I guess I better say something today.  In typical fashion I would like to write about all the awesome trail miles I put in along with all the road miles I am running with Weymouth Woods bearing down on me (Jan 19, 2013) hahah…..but that is[…]

Still Resting

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Published on: 13-July 2012

Well I’m still resting, sort of, but had a nice run today.  Did the same route as yesterday but alone.  Pace is getting back to normal as I ran a 7:30 avg today.  Still have some medial pain in the right knee but is getting much better AND since I have been off the NSAIDs[…]

I’m Back

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Published on: 12-October 2010

So after 3 weeks of I’m Back. I’m loosly following a strength and insanity workout plan.  monday was a Gym day focusing on upperbody. Today I am just about as sore as I have ever been. 1st day back into insanity and started with plyo

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